Suryodaya Batch

3 Year IIT-JEE/NEETProgram

Duration: 3 Year

Course Details

In the dynamic landscape of India’s academic competition, proactive students gain a competitive edge by initiating their preparation early on. Those who embark on this journey from an early stage enjoy a unique advantage, cultivating a sense of ease during the demanding years of grade 11 and 12. By efficiently covering a substantial portion of the curriculum in grade 10, they pave the way for a more relaxed and confident academic experience. 

The commencement of the Suryodaya Batch marks the inception of a journey inspired by the profound symbolism of the rising sun. Just as the sun ascends with unwavering determination, so too shall the students of this batch ascend to success and achieve great heights. 

An early start boosts their confidence and gives them a psychological as well as academic advantage over the others, keeping this in mind PACE started its “Three years program” many years back. In this course, students in grade 10 start understanding and developing conceptual clarity and learning the key topics which will be there in grade 11 & 12 that accelerates their preparation, makes them more confident and ensures that every child develops a competitive edge. 

Most of the top rankers in IIT-JEE/NEET from coaching institutes across the country are from these long term courses. 


16th & 23rd June 2024