Our Story

“25 year old legacy of success”

Besides the Engineering and Medical domain, PACE brought outstanding results in the International Olympiads as well. The institute also started providing preparation courses for Study Abroad. Every year, our students get admission into top international universities. The institute has now become the preferred choice for students, who want to build a strong foundation for their higher studies in Engineering & Medical, or achieve top ranks in competitive exams or Study Abroad programs.

PACE stands synonymous to quality education and provides a learning environment that extends education beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning. We at PACE understand that education is the most powerful weapon to help bring the desired change in our society and to contribute to the society at large. We also provide free education for meritorious and deserving students from humble backgrounds.

Established in 1999, PACE started with a handful of students, a few sessions old, the institute scaled new heights of success by providing coaching for Engineering and Medical entrance exam preparation. New milestones were set each year and the institute achieved a remarkable landmark with hundreds of selections in 2008.

Our Management

Praveen Tyagi

( B.TECH, IIT Delhi) – Managing Director


Mr. Praveen Tyagi, an educationist with a vision to build a harmonious society and one who is empowered by ‘Quality Education’ is an IIT alumnus, armed with two decades of experience and proficiency. He is an expert in the field of Physics and in preparing the students for various competitive exams. His experience coupled with impactful results of the institute makes him a preferred choice among Engineering and Medical aspirants. Mr Tyagi, in recognition of his contribution to the education industry, has been a recipient to several laurels by IIT Bombay and the CBSE board and appreciation letters from top International Universities such as Stanford, MIT etc. His biography has also been featured in the book ‘My Life, My Rules’.


Kuldeep Tyagi



Mr. Kuldeep Tyagi, is a distinguished professional who believes that education is the stepping stone to success of each student, as well as the nation at large. His strategies, planning and execution helps him handle the expansion and management of the institute. Mr. Tyagi’s business acumen topped with financial expertise and professional network, brings glory to the success of the institute. His innovation in the education industry has transformed the fundamentals in an innovative and efficient way. The incredible contribution he has made in running business operations, has made him a renowned business leader.



The perfect comprehensive learning approach

Our innovative learning solutions have revolutionized the concept of comprehensive approach in IIT JEE & Medical coaching classes.

Pool of Our Renowned Faculty Members

Our team comprises of highly qualified members, retired IIT professors, IITians, doctorates and the most renowned professors of Medical domain.

Interactive Classroom Learning & Support Model

Our classroom model is interactive & constantly developing to suit individual needs by providing abundant mental stimulation.

Unique & Innovative Library System

Besides books, our faculty members remain present round-the-clock in the library for doubt-solving and individual teaching.

Student-Centric Approach Aiming Holistic Learning

Our student-centric approach aims at the well being of the students, enabling them to learn at their comfort and convenience.

Testing, Assessment & Feedback Mechanisms

Our topic-wise tests, major tests and rigorous feedback mechanism help the students to know their level of understanding.

Our Values

Our passion drives excellence, innovation, and positive change in education.

Academic Excellence

Driving students towards academic brilliance through rigorous coursework, comprehensive study material, and expert guidance.

Personalized Attention

Providing individualized support, doubt-solving sessions, and mentoring to ensure every student receives the guidance they need.

Ethical Values

Instilling integrity, honesty, and ethical values in students, nurturing not just academic success but also character development.


Celebrating diversity and creating an inclusive environment that respects and values the unique perspectives and backgrounds of all students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide transformative education, personalized support, and a values-driven environment, cultivating lifelong learners who make a positive impact in society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a future where aspiring minds are nurtured, dreams are realized, and individuals are empowered to become agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

Life at PACE IIT & Medical

At PACE IIT & Medical, we foster a culture of excellence and innovation. Join our team of dedicated professionals and embark on a rewarding career where you can make a lasting impact in the field of education. With state-of-the-art resources, a supportive work environment, and opportunities for growth, PACE IIT & Medical is the ideal place to unleash your potential and shape the future of education.


16th & 23rd June 2024