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Global Educare | Duration: 1 Year

Course Details

Course Objective: The TOEFL course is designed to help non-native English speakers improve their language skills in preparation for the TOEFL exam, which is widely accepted by English-speaking universities and institutions as proof of English proficiency.

The course covers all four language skills assessed in the TOEFL exam:

Reading: Strategies for comprehending academic texts, identifying main ideas, and making inferences.

Listening: Techniques for understanding spoken English in academic settings, such as lectures and discussions.

Speaking: Practice in expressing opinions, summarizing information, and participating in conversations and presentations.

Writing: Instruction on crafting organized and coherent essays, developing arguments, and analyzing reading and listening passages.

Interactive Learning: The course emphasizes interactive activities, group discussions, and simulated exam exercises to enhance speaking and listening skills in a real-world context.

Practice Tests: Regular practice tests, modeled after the TOEFL exam, provide students with a realistic exam experience and help them track their progress.

Feedback and Correction: Instructors provide personalized feedback on speaking and writing assignments, focusing on areas for improvement and language accuracy.

Vocabulary Enhancement: The course includes vocabulary-building exercises to expand students’ academic word bank and improve their reading and writing skills.

Time Management: Students learn effective time management techniques to complete each section of the TOEFL exam within the allotted time.

Cultural Integration: The course also incorporates cultural insights and academic norms to help students feel more comfortable in an English-speaking academic environment.

Flexible Schedule: Courses are offered in various formats – full-time, part-time, online, or in-person – to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules.

Supportive Environment: Students benefit from a supportive learning environment, where they can interact with peers, share experiences, and receive guidance from experienced instructors.

Outcome: By the end of the course, students should feel confident in their English language abilities and be well-prepared to excel in the TOEFL exam, opening doors to academic and professional opportunities in English-speaking countries.


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