What is PACE Integrated Program? (School Tie-ups)

Discover the power of collaborative education through our school tie-ups. 

We believe in fostering strong partnerships with educational institutions to create a supportive learning ecosystem. 

By joining forces with schools, we aim to enhance educational experiences and create a lasting impact on students’ lives.

Success stories of school tieups​

Witness the transformative success stories that emerge from our school tie-ups. From improved academic performances to holistic student development, our collaborative efforts with schools have yielded remarkable outcomes. 

These stories showcase the effectiveness of synergizing educational resources and expertise for the benefit of both educators and students

School Integrated Tie-ups (collaborations)

Proudly affiliated with 17+ esteemed schools, we’ve cultivated meaningful partnerships that have consistently yielded outstanding results. 

Our collaborations span diverse educational institutions, each contributing to the enrichment of the academic landscape and witness the positive impact on education.

Contact Us for tie-up

Ready to embark on a journey of educational collaboration? Reach out to us to explore the possibilities of forging a mutually beneficial tie-up.

Whether you’re a school seeking to enhance your educational offerings or an institute eager to contribute to the growth of the education sector, our team is ready to discuss and facilitate impactful partnerships.

Let’s create a brighter future together! 

This form is only for schools and not for students or parents. If you’re a parent or student, please visit our course section directly.

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16th & 23rd June 2024