Global Educare - SAT/ACT

Global Educare | Duration: 1 Year

Course Details

Comprehensive Exam Coverage:
 Thoroughly covers all sections of the SAT/ACT exams, including Math, Reading, Writing, Science (ACT only), and Essay (optional).

Expert Instructors:
Taught by experienced educators well-versed in the exam’s content, format, and strategies.

Focused Content Review:
Condenses key concepts and subject areas, offering targeted review sessions to strengthen foundational knowledge.

Effective Test Strategies:
Teaches proven strategies for time management, question prioritization, and problem-solving to maximize scores.

Practice Materials:
Provides ample practice tests and sample questions, allowing students to build familiarity and confidence with the test format.

Individualized Feedback:
Offers personalized feedback on practice tests and assignments to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Adaptive Learning:
Tailors instruction based on students’ performance, adjusting focus areas to address specific needs.

Small Class Sizes:
Ensures personalized attention and interactive learning within a supportive classroom environment.

Progress Tracking:
Monitors individual progress through regular assessments, helping students track improvements and set goals.

College Application Guidance:
Offers insights into how SAT/ACT scores factor into college applications and admission strategies.

Flexible Scheduling:
Provides options for different course lengths and timings to accommodate varied student schedules.

Online Resources:
Access to online platforms with additional practice materials, video lessons, and study resources.

Confidence Building:
Empowers students with the skills and knowledge needed to approach the exams with confidence and achieve their best possible scores.


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16th & 23rd June 2024