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Specially designed for 10th Board Appearing Students

Tips by previous years: Xth Board Toppers

(ICSE/CBSE/SSC) who joined PACE

Aadhyaa Maddi

(ICSE Topper) 98.40%

» Get rid of distractions (Laptops/mobile)

» Make a schedule and don’t forget to leave time for revision

» Study less, but study well regularly because quality is more important than quantity

» Make time for extra curricular. Presentation of paper is very important. The more clean and good you present the paper more you score. Presenting paper in a good way can fetch you really good marks

» Make sure of using presentation skills. Draw diagrams wherever necessary especially in S.S. and Science

» Draw diagrams in all brief answer questions also, keeping in mind the time constraint. You can skip it for some question but it must be done in atleast 2-3 questions

» Make it an important point to write your answers in point form

» Use the space in answer sheet well. Have appropriate spacing in your answers. Write reactions wherever you can in science

» Underline the key words in all your answers. That will make it easy for the examiner to correct the paper

» Try not to lose marks in objectives & Read all your text books completely. Very important thing is – Paper practice

» Get enrolled to a good test series and sincerely solve these tests

« If you can’t get an answer see and write it in the beginning or by heart it and then write

» This will help you maintain your writing practice, increase your pace and most importantly you can experiment with drawing diagrams or maps in the questions

» In Math, practice is the best thing you can do. Leave a line after every step. Box your answer at the end of the equations

» In English or languages increase the speed of your writing. It’s tough to complete these papers

» Limit your answers in writing skills according to the marks

» Get known to the marking scheme see to it you write all the things necessary, keeping the language simple and in proper sequence of rules Make concept maps in History and Geography. It makes you remember the key points of an answer. You can then expand it. It helps in Last minute revision and can also be written in your board paper

Aashutosh Joshi

(SSC Topper) 98.50%

» First of all, clear all the concepts of subjects like science, math etc

» Revise your notes from time to time

» Be regular in your school

» Study at least 4-5 hours a day.

» After that, you should practice like solving papers, clearing concepts, mastering them etc.

» As S.S.C. exam is all about practice, you should solve lot of papers. Atleast 20 papers of each subject

» Don’t compromise with your sleep or rest. Sufficient sleep should be taken for at least 7-8 hours

» The last and most important point is that you should strictly refer the textbook as the paper is based on textbook

Kumaresh Ramesh

(CBSE Topper) 99.60%

» Prefer daily studies instead of studying at the eleventh hour.

» Consider NCERT text books as your ‘Bible’ prefer reading them thoroughly instead of guides and other digests.

» Make sure you complete your home work before schedule, This will help you to be in touch with the syllabus and

maintain an excellent record.

» Pay attention in the classroom, and get your doubts resolved as soon as possible.

» Make sure of that you get maximum writing practice, There is no use of content if you are unable to present it well and within the stipulated time.

» Above all, remember that examinations are not the end of the world. Even if you are unable to perform well, don’t get depressed as there is always a second chance.


14th, 21st & 28th April 2024