Dear parent,

In view of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we wish and pray for your well-being and the good health of your family

Our child-centric and feedback-driven mechanism has been appreciated by everyone as an innovative approach and established us as a front runner in education. As we navigate through the lockdown, we strive to ensure that we provide the best learning solutions to all our students.

We are glad that we have been working for the past 10 years with the most experienced and adept faculties of PACE on building a gamified learning solution called STEPapp. The vision was to provide a digital learning solution that enabled students to learn while they play, anytime, anywhere. We feel blessed today that in this time of crisis for us, we have a ready solution that will ensure that the current state of social distancing does not negatively impact the students.

To ensure this, we will be following a three-pronged approach for online learning:

STEP 1: STEPapp is a gamified app to make students learn concepts in a fun and rewarding way. STEPapp will ensure that every student has developed conceptual clarity in Math & Science.

Additionally, STEPapp will enable parents to measure their child’s learning outcomes based on their strengths, weaknesses, speed, accuracy and sincerity through our dashboards. The students’ progress report will allow the parents to be participative in their child’s progress. After a student finishes a topic, detailed reports will be sent to parents comprehensively via SMSs and emails.

With all the exams happening online in this time, using STEPapp and online PACE lectures will give your child a hands-on experience with the digital platform.

STEP 2 :Once the students have learned the basic concepts through STEPapp, they can further learn these topics through video lectures of our top faculties. Students will receive links of each topic that they can study at their pace and convenience.

Along with these lectures’ tests, quizzes, ebooks are being provided to our students via PACE panacea. Our study material is available on our study portal Panacea for reference.

STEP 3 : After the students have completed the first two steps and their progress is reflected on dashboards every day.

All faculties will be available for a further higher level of teaching via zoom in small groups and live doubt solving sessions every day. Zoom/Google Meet/WhatsApp groups will be used depending on the needs of the students, and we will ensure that our whole team monitors your child and encourages them to work hard and learn.

Zoom calls will be conducted thrice a week, and online TWT will be held from time to time.

Expectations from parents:

  1. In these tough times, we request you to cooperate with us and help us ensure that students are studying well. Please ensure your child is playing on STEPapp and covering the assigned topics before the lecture.
  2. You will be able to track their performance on the dashboard and via SMS and emails

We want the best for your child, which is why we have come up with a unique strategy to ensure that your child continues to learn and receive the best learning solution. We have already tried out the unique approach in our senior batches, and we have received amazing feedback from our students. You can see the feedback here:

We assure you that by following these three steps, your child’s learning will be at par compared to any other learning solution. Our EdTech solution will provide a unique advantage to all PACE students.

To be a part of the PACE journey, join our online classes now.

Merit based admissions are open for these programs.

Kindly contact: 9821780022 / 9987479495 / 9833653830

Or apply for admission on the following link

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Dhruv Bhagchandani

STEPapp is the perfect solution for us to learn from home and continue our syllabus. The animations ensure that we understand the concept well and the quiz taken at the end of an “island” are really beneficial for us to know how much we’ve understood and how much we need to revise. I am extremely grateful to PACE for STEPapp.


Aditi Yejare

Step app is really helpful….. Concepts are cleared and also we get a chance to learn in a different way and understand our week points….And make progress in them respectively….. Also, the online meetings held are helpful as teachers are supportive …. And we are able to utilize this time constructively with the help of PACE’S Stepapp and online meetings held.


Aasneh Prasad


We have played a number of topics of physics, chemistry and maths I can say that step app has truly helped me strengthen my basic concepts before dwelling into advanced ones. The features and the graphics of the app are very grasping and it kept me engrossed in the topic and strengthen my base. The explanation and the demonstration via visual graphics had developed and interest in me for the chapter. The immediate explanation of any mistake made by while playing the tests was very helpful. STEPapp has truly made me learn while playing


Aditya Handurkulkarni

STEPapp was a really new and enriching experience for me. I never thought that studies could be made fun through games. Concepts are clearly taught and the quizzes were also great.


Mitansh Kayethwal

STEPapp is a really well-structured app. The chapters are divided into islands and a treasure part. The islands clear your concepts while the treasure beams us with advanced numerical. Overall it gives a good idea about the chapter and gives a conceptual clarity, which can take one to advanced level


Kabir Kapoor

STEPapp is good for basic concepts and is comprehensive and to the point. After we couple STEPapp with video lectures, it forms a good basis to good ahead with questions. I’ve talked to a few friends and they seem to like it too.


Adit Rambhia

The STEPapp is a wonderful platform where we can learn the basic concepts with great clarity. The interactive interface makes the learning experience easy and interesting. Virtual lecture is going great and help us clear our doubts periodically. The audio-visual system is working great. Kudos to the Pace team and Edu Is Fun


Karthik Iyer

STEPapp is great for revising a topic, and it is very helpful to play the game before seeing the video lecture as it helps you understand better. Overall the quality was good, both video and audio!!


Om Joshi

STEPapp is a great way to learn and revise concepts in a short period of time. The animations and the questions at the end of each concept adds up to the usefulness of this app. Although, there are many concepts which are better understood when explained by a teacher. Overall, its user-friendly interface and the idea of gamifying learning makes it wonderful and undoubtedly, very useful.


Priyanshu Kachalia

STEPapp: I found STEPapp really helpful as after watching the videos and with the help of gamified learning it helped in understanding the concept better.


Ovais Qazi

STEPapp Report: STEPapp provides an interactive platform where students can improve their knowledge of basic concepts of various topics and test themselves by taking the test available after completion of topic.


Kunal Patil

STEPapp- This app does not feel like any other educational app but rather feels it be like a game to play. The interface is very excellent. The concept is cleverly explained with the best quality of animation and speech. Also the feedback provided after completing the game of each chapter just makes it more special than any other game.


Ajinkya Malgi

STEPapp is an application developed by the Faculty at IIT’S PACE. It enforces learning through rich visuals which brings about a platform through which all concepts can be cleared. Due to its methodology and the chronological pathway of explaining concepts, I, Ajinkya Malgi, consider STEPapp to be a pinnacle in the educational industry.


Archit Ganvir

STEPapp:- An excellent app that makes the basic concepts clear , which is the first step towards learning any topic properly . It also provides you all the important formulae to solve any question easily. Though it does not provide very tough questions for practice, it will give you plenty of tricky questions to strengthen your understanding.



STEPapp helps us with the basic introduction to a chapter. Not only does it help to build the foundation but also tests the time limit in which solve the questions.


Nidhi Khadke

I think we all students are really lucky to explore many concepts on this great platform in a fun way which keep us engaged. The step by step islands after completing concept motivates me to keep doing more and more. By playing this, it not only gives clarity about the concept but also provides short notes.


Shreya Pandit

In these times of crisis, when physical lectures can’t be conducted, STEPapp provides an ingenious way to encourage students to delve into studying new concepts at ease.

By means of STEPapp, it was possible for all of us to comprehend new concepts in a very engaging and student friendly way. STEPapp is an excellent means to build a strong foundation, and is undoubtedly going to be very helpful in the long run. The gamified mode of learning not only makes it captivating, but also helps students grasp the concepts much faster. STEPapp is not only a boon during critical times like these, but will also prove to be helpful during times to come.



The STEPapp is pretty nice and interesting. Just maybe sometimes the information given is less but more or less it is a nice way of play and learn. So, I have no problem with STEPapp and I am liking it. Just as a feedback I can say that the learn content can be a bit more but other than that it is all good and I have no problem with this app.


Pramsu Shrivastava

STEPapp has proved to be a boon for us to keep our study on track. Moreover, its game like presentations make learning effortless and enjoyful. The efficient distribution of chapters in sets of small islands and the animations help us in visualizing and understanding the concepts. The quizzes and the treasure tests depict our grasps on the concepts and tell us where we stand and how we can improve. We are delighted to have got such a marvellous app from pace to help us in continuing our study at home


Dhairya Garg

I am finding this app quite useful for me as the contents of slides refresh my previous understanding on the topics. One can get sufficient practice on the related problems. A suggestion may be to add more problems in the question bank.

Till date, I have reached up to 4th or 5th island in each of the subjects, probably I will be able to provide more feedback after completing first chapter. Thank you.

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