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PACE IIT & Medical

Student-Centric Approach Aiming Holistic Learning

Testing, Assessment & Feedback Mechanisms

Multiple Award Winning Performance

Besides the Engineering and Medical domain, PACE brought outstanding results in the International Olympiads as well. The institute also started providing preparation courses for Study Abroad. Every year, our students get admission into top international universities. The institute has now become the preferred choice for students, who want to build a strong foundation for their higher studies in Engineering & Medical, or achieve top ranks in competitive exams or Study Abroad programs.

PACE stands synonymous to quality education and provides a learning environment that extends education beyond the confines of traditional classroom learning. We at PACE understand that education is the most powerful weapon to help bring the desired change in our society and to contribute to the society at large. We also provide free education for meritorious and deserving students from humble backgrounds.

Established in 1999, PACE started with a handful of students, a few sessions old, the institute scaled new heights of success by providing coaching for Engineering and Medical entrance exam preparation. New milestones were set each year and the institute achieved a remarkable landmark with hundreds of selections in 2008.


Highlighting Our Finest Achievements

Embarking on a career in the education industry is immensely rewarding as it merges entrepreneurship with social impact. Guiding and shaping young minds is akin to a noble social work, fostering a brighter future for individuals and the nation.

Starting a business in education offers unparalleled fulfillment, as it's not just about profits but contributing to the nation's intellectual capital. By empowering students with knowledge and skills, entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of a prosperous society.

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