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How PACE IIT & Medical has consistently maintained excellent result

PEDAGOGY of success

Micro batch approach

The micro batch approach in education offers personalized learning, fosters student engagement, facilitates targeted feedback, and enhances overall student comprehension.

On the spot doubt clearing & student specific extra classes

Our educational approach emphasizes instant doubt resolution and tailored supplementary sessions to address each student's individual needs effectively.

Managed by Alumini of IITs

Managed by alumni of IITs, this initiative harnesses the expertise and innovation of former students to drive impactful change.

Augmented by AI based StepApp

The STEPapp education app is enhanced by AI technology, providing personalized learning experiences tailored to individual needs and preferences.

PACE IIT & Medical

Student-Centric Approach Aiming Holistic Learning

Testing, Assessment & Feedback Mechanisms

Multiple Award Winning Performance

Established in 1999, PACE started with a handful of students, a few sessions old, the institute scaled new heights of success by providing coaching for Engineering and Medical entrance exam preparation. New milestones were set each year and the institute achieved a remarkable landmark with hundreds of selections in 2008.

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