Study Abroad Counselling Program

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It should be the prerogative of every student to aim high and dream big. It is incumbent upon the students to pursue their dreams with courage, zeal and determination. It is worth noting here that aims and aspirations can evolve, while treading along the path of higher education. In today’s’ globalized world, most of the students are faced with the task of pursuing higher education in a foreign country. Exposure to foreign locale, education and culture tends to broaden one’s views and horizon.

PACE has been acting as a catalyst to students who choose to pursue education overseas. We have played a stellar role in grooming, guiding, mentoring and preparing students to qualify and pursue the same.

Advantages of the program

● Broadening of horizon.

● Exposure to people from diverse cultures.

● Flexibility in choosing course curriculum.

● Worldwide recognition of education pursued in countries like: USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Singapore.

Contact Details

To get more information, call 022-26245223 / 357 / 657 / 61779777
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