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We, at PACE duly recognize the importance to train, groom and prepare students to help them pursue their education overseas. PACE achieves this by identifying the innate desires of students who wish to study abroad. We are proud to state, that with the right blend of tutoring and guidance, we have been consistently producing toppers who have advanced to become the ‘crème de la crème’ in their chosen vocation. PACE has been successfully conducting SAT and TOEFL tests since 2011. SAT can truly be termed as the “passport to global education”.

Advantages of the program

● Adds weight to the resume.

● Allows exposure to the different cultures, ethnicities and customs.

● Results in broadening of knowledge.

● Provides the degree with global accreditation making it universally recognized

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To get more information, call 022-26245223 / 357 / 657 / 61779777
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